We bring AI solutions to your company.

We support your company in dealing with and implementing AI models.

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Where can AI provide support ?!


Marketing Automation

AI-powered marketing automation creates more effective campaigns through personalized targeting, more precise segmentation and automated workflows.


Content Creation

Onboarding videos, product training within a few
or adapt them to the latest updates in just a few clicks. All without costly filming and camera crews.


Project Management

With AI-supported project management, you can achieve more efficient project workflows through automated task
task assignment, precise resource planning and advanced analysis functions.


Spread Sheet & Excel Analysis

Draw complex analyses from data series in seconds and enrich them with real-time data from all over the world.


Market Research

The knowledge of the entire Internet is now just a click away. The latest Large Language Models allow you to screen the latest market.


Web Analytics

By combining web analytics and artificial intelligence, you can gain precise insights into user behavior and the performance of your own website.

We train employees in the use of the most common AI models in your company


The bridge to the future: existing tools, enhanced by the power of AI!


We help your teams to
daily to-dos more productively.


Using the power of AI to secure a clear advantage in the market segment.

Competitive advantage

In today's world, competitive advantage through AI is a crucial factor for a company's success. The demands on business models are becoming ever more challenging, while technology continues to grow exponentially.

Focus on innovation in your own product
Increase in research & development
Safely into the digital future

"By implementing AI, we were able to achieve a 20% increase in efficiency in some areas."

"We didn't think that AI currently plays a role in our company, but after the analysis by menter, we have now started to integrate AI into our work processes."

We provide your employees with the latest AI tools.

Daily recurring tasks can be automated, creative impulses can be generated within seconds and, thanks to AI, lengthy analyses can be carried out at lightning speed.

We make sure that your employees do what is really important.

We can automate unnecessary, repetitive tasks that take up hours and hours per week with the help of new AI solutions and thus create real added value for your company. We support your employees in automating these tasks and thus bring efficiency to the workflow.

Time saving
more satisfied employees

We train employees in AI applications to make their daily work easier.

We expand the personal "toolbox" of

Innovative thinking
We show new & innovative ways of thinking
for solving tasks in companies.

Simple solutions
Simple solutions that can be used without
programming skills.

Top support
Personal support during the

KI for C-Level

As a manager or entrepreneur, you can now seize the opportunity to gain a real competitive advantage for your business. In our AI course for managers, we give you a deep insight into the world of artificial intelligence and also take a close look at the opportunities that will also make your business fit for the future.

KI Leader Basic


Basis Kurs (DE/EN/FR)
The aim is to develop a basic understanding of AI tools and to show in which areas you can use the advantages of AI.

  • AI- Leader-Basics Video Kurs
  • digital transformation (Strategy)
  • How to implement
  • Allaying employees' fears
  • Develop fun
  • Detect processes
  • Develop a digital mindset / dig. leadership
  • Tradition & digitalization (disruption of own business model?)
  • Staying competitive in the future
  • 6 month access
  • Digital Workbook (Usecase-Finder)
  • Employee Questionaire (Usecase-Finder)
  • Newsletter AI Update

We show your teams the latest in AI technology.

For the digital transformation in companies to work and also be supported by employees, a sound basis is also needed here so that employees can actively shape the process with fun and without fear. We have developed 3 different course models for this purpose.

299/pro MA
(min. 5 empl.)

Basis (DE/EN/FR)
The aim is to develop a basic understanding of AI tools.

Target group: All employees

  • KI- Basics Video Course
  • 2 month access
  • Digital Workbook
  • Newsletter AI Update

444/pro MA
(min. 5 empl.)

Power User
If you want more, our Power User Program is the right place for you

Target group: Marketing, IT, Legal, Finance, HR

  • KI - Essential Video Course
  • 4 month access
  • Digital Workbook
  • monthly AI Update
  • Support

666/pro MA
(min. 5 empl.)

Full Know-How
Unleash the full potential of your employees

Target group: Leading Positions

  • KI - Pro Video Course
  • 6 month access
  • Digital Workbook
  • monthly Q&A Live Update
  • Individual Support


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